Welcome to Caren Sarmiento’s Art Space

caren-sarmiento-art-workAs a native Floridian, inspired by its beauty, its array of colors, its unique forms and delicate complexities, I was compelled to begin my botanical series.  I see nature and love her, capturing her presences and freezing it in time.  I start the study of my subject by concentrating on the main area of interest then proceed to block in basic forms for composition and balance.  My primary focus is on the characteristics of the plant and its shapes and colors in harmony with the surrounding foliage.  The richness in surface color is achieved by glazing each area with several layers of acrylic paint, contributing to the vividness of the painting.  This process continues until the painting captures the innate beauty of nature’s treasures forever.

” I see nature and love her.  Glazing several layers of acrylic paint on canvas my focus becomes clear. It is the desire to magnify the beauty of botanicals with color and form into the realm of the surreal.”